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Mercedes-Benz new and used automobiles and spare parts

Since 1982 we are exporting new and used Mercedes-Benz automobiles and spare parts from Germany to many different countries worldwide.

Whether you are looking for the latest Mercedes-Benz model or "just some spare parts" for your 1962 Mercedes-Benz vintage car - we will do our best to meet your needs.

Any of your inquiries should include as many details and information as possible, especially in reference to spare parts. For your reference we have listed a selection of well-known Mercedes-Benz lines, also you can browse through listings of

  • lines
  • original options
  • paintwork
  • upholsteries

  • We will appreciate your inquiry. For immediate contact you are invited to fill out our feedback form, or to contact us either by fax, e-mail, postal letter, or phone.

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