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Mercedes-Benz automobiles

option codes #300 to #399

code description
300 storage box in front tray
301 storage box in the rear (wood)
302 folding armrest in the rear with storage tray
303 front folding armrest with storage tray
304 elimination of front ashtray
305 dust filter
306 activated charcoal filter (odor filter)
307 cooling box in luggage compartment
308 cooling compartment in center rear backrest
309 cupholder
310 antenna on rear fender with switch for D-network telephone
313 Mercedes-Benz D-network telephone (handy)
314 Mercedes-Benz D-network telephone
315 telephone card, D2 Debitel
316 D-Network Telephone integrated
323 provision for D-network telephone
325 C-Network telephone Mercedes-Benz
326 front armrest for telephone-handset
328 hands-off system for car phone
329 provision for telephone, export
330 CD compartment in center console
331 cassette compartment
333 special instrument panel, incl. retrofit cover
335 special housing with tray
340 additional 3rd stop lamp
341 additional turn signal lamps
342 connection for taxi roof sign
343 air cleaner with fill level indicator
344 H4 halogen lamp unit (L.H. traffic)
345 rain sensor for windshield wipers
348 emergency call system
350 communication and navigation system (CNS)
351 auto pilot system
352 operation and monitoring system (OMS)
354 antenna on roof for d-network telephone
355 antenna on rear fender for taxi radio
356 antenna on roof for taxi radio
362 RHD vehicles as per EC regulations (control code)

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