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Mercedes-Benz automobiles

option codes #900 to #999

code description
902 pennant holder, left
903 pennant holder, right
904 special edition "Mille Miglia"
905 special edition "ATP Tour"
906 special edition "DTM/JTC 96"
909 radio remote control, export
910 alternator with increased capacity
911 note concerning special units
912 springs for increased payload
913 air conditioner, provision for installation (ZSM)
914 brake assist
915 fuel tank with increased capacity
916 additional parts for vehicles exported to hot countries
920 engine with exhaust air-pump
921 vegetable oil methyl ester version
922 taxi engine OM604 D22 with power reduction
931 inside tandem rear view mirror
932 box on left front seat
934 taxi emergency alarm unit
935 provision for taxi emergency alarm unit
936 box in tray
937 reinforcement package for taxi
938 radiophone-switch and microphone
939 storage box below the front seat, right
947 pennat holder and pennant staff on the left
948 pennat holder and pennant staff on the right
952 sportline package
953 sportline package
954 equipment package avantgarde
955 equipment package Elegance
956 equipment package sport
957 AMG-Technic Package
959 equipment package esprit
960 version for authorities
961 SINFO roof superstructure
962 HELLA roof superstructure
966 rotating emergency flasher, blue
970 radio patrol car, Germany
971 radio patrol car, export
972 CID version
973 radio patrol car with SINFO unit
974 fire-brigade's chief car
975 emergency doctor's car
978 chassis special version
979 safety version
980 vehicle registration book and general operating permit no. on type plate
981 elimination of vehicle registration book and without general operating permit no. on type plate
982 additional parts for Finland vehicle version
984 elimination of ownership certificate but with COC papers
986 identification plate (VIN no.)
987 battery cut-off switch for vehicles to be shipped
988 ownership certificate and COC papers with EC model plate
993 AMG specific options
994 exhibition car (chassis)
997 exhibition car (chassis and engine)

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