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weights and measures

radiological measures


Number of decays (disintegrations) per second. The former measure Curie was related to the activity of 1 gram radium with 3.7*1010 decays per second.

1 Becquerel (Bq) = 1/s = 2.7*10-11 Ci
1 Curie (Ci) = 3.7*1010 Bq

energy dose

Total absorbed radiation energy per mass. The former measure Rad (rd) is no longer valid.

1 Gray (Gy) = 1 Joule/kg = 100 Rad (rd)
1 Rad = 0.01 Gy

equivalent dose

The equivalent dose is defined as product of energy dose and a non-dimensional Q-factor (quality factor) for the biological action quantity of the respective type of radiation. The former measure Rem (rem) is no longer valid.

equivalent dose = energy dose * Q-factor

1 Sievert (Sv) = 1 Joule/kg = 100 rem
1 rem = 0.01 Sv

ion dose

Electrical charge of ions produced in 1 kilogram air by radiation. There is no special name for the measure. The former measure Röntgen (R) is no longer valid.

1 C/kg = 1 Coulomb per kilogram = 3,876 Röntgen (R)
1 R = 2.58*10-4 C/kg

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