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international time zones

UTC abbr. time zone
±00 GMT Greenwich Mean Time
±00 UTC Universal Coordinated Time
±00 WET Western European Time
-02 AT Azores Time
-04 AST Atlantic Standard Time
-05 EST Eastern Standard Time
-06 CST Central Standard Time
-07 MST Mountain Standard Time
-08 PST Pacific Standard Time
-09 YST Yukon Standard Time
-10 AHST Alaska-Hawaii Standard Time
-10 CAT Central Alaska Time
-10 HST Hawaii Standard Time
-11 NT Nome Time
-12 IDLW International Date Line West
+01 CET Central European Time
+01 FWT French Winter Time
+01 MET Middle European Time
+01 MEWT Middle European Winter Time
+01 SWT Swedish Winter Time
+02 EET Eastern European Time
+03 BT Baghdad Time
+07 WAST West Australien Time
+08 CCT China Coast Time
+09 JST Japan Standard Time
+10 EAST East Australian Standard Time
+10 GST Guam Standard Time
+12 IDLE International Date Line East
+12 NZST New Zealand Standard Time

summer time zones

UTC abbr. time zone
+01 BST British Summer Time
-03 ADT Atlantic Daylight Time
-04 EDT Eastern Daylight Time
-05 CDT Central Daylight Time
-06 MDT Mountain Daylight Time
-07 PDT Pacific Daylight Time
-08 YDT Yukon Daylight Time
-09 HDT Hawaii Daylight Time
+02 MEST Middle European Summer Time
+02 CEST Central European Summer Time
+02 SST Swedish Summer Time
+02 FST French Summer Time
+08 WADT West Australian Daylight Time
+11 EADT East Australian Daylight Time
+13 NZDT New Zealand Daylight Time

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